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Shantala baby massage (1 hour individual workshop or 1h30 in group) at home

Workshops for parent (s) and baby (s) from 1 month to 3 years old, inspired by a traditional Indian massage. This massage has many virtues for your baby, including better digestion, better blood circulation, reduced stress, more peaceful nights, development of motor skills and sensations ... not to mention a privileged connection with the parent who the mass. During the workshops you will learn the massage technique on your child (if he is willing to receive the treatment) or on a baby if necessary. Depending on availability, you can book an additional workshop to correct the technique if necessary and the applications.

Baby massage with a ball of dough (30min) optional after the baby Shantala massage workshop

During a second workshop, learn another massage technique using a ball that you will make on site in addition to the baby Shantala massage.

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