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Reflexologist Title RNCP
(National Directory of Professional Certifications )
Level II / Level 6 (EU), NSF Code 330t by Decree of July 17, 2015, published in the Official Journal of July 25, 2015
Certified Relaxologist ( Elisabeth BRETON School )


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Coming from the para-medical world, I was able to observe that the patients, as well as the nursing staff themselves, suffered from stress. From the point of view of the nursing staff, the stress caused functional physical and psychological problems for the whole team. So I tried to get away from this harmful environment and reflexology came to me as obvious.

During my training, more and more convinced by this practice, I developed the desire to benefit as many people as possible. I therefore offer you treatments ranging from plantar reflexology to back relaxation, to allow you to evacuate the negative stress that can invade you.

I subsequently trained in baby massage because, we don't necessarily think about it, but these little beings need special attention in order to approach our world which is unknown to them and of which they still have so much to discover. Very sensitive to the stimuli that surround them, massages and reflexology are complementary to support them in kindness.

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