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Revive your body's self-healing power with reflexology

Reflexology, a full-fledged treatment : 

20, rue Vitruve

75020 Paris - France

T : 06 31 73 28 86


Reflexology is based on the principle that each organ, glands or body function is shown on the extremities of the body (feet, hands, face, skull and ears) in form of reflex points. Throught specific pressures on these points, we can help the body deal with some stress disorders, such as insomnia, headaches, neck and back pain, la constipation...

Through the nervous system, we also induce the body to a state of deep relaxation..

I take special care to devote time before and after each meeting to make a general assessment in order to link the person's environment to their current state.

Vanessa L. DUMOND

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